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Theme Twin Naming : Ch ao and Xi ao. Wake lampshades how stupid that sounds, Chao agrees. Used to Be a Sweet Kid : He loved his parents and they loved him back, but y'know, accidents happen. You Killed My Father : He accidentally killed their parents when they ate sushi.

Midori A classmate and "friend" of Wake. Gamer Chick : Reveals herself to be one in Episode 34, to the point where she won a gaming competition against Ass. Hidden Depths : Episode 10 shows she's quite skilled on the E-guitar.

Episode 32 follows up on this. When asked what she wants to be in the future, Midori answers she'd like to be a rockstar. Meaningful Name : Her new character design gave her green eyes. Nerd Glasses : Wears a pair of small, round spectacles at all times.

Nice Girl : Always willing to help others. Maybe a bit too willing, since it's heavily implied Wake uses her and Robasaan to hold her status as top of the class. Pubescent Braces : That often cause others to misunderstand her.

Running Gag : Almost nobody can understand what she's saying due to her braces. Robasaan A girl in Wakes and Chaos class with the face of a mule. A Day in the Limelight : Downplayed in Episode 26, it doesn't star her, but we learn about her home situation.

Which is more than Ass or Midori got. Flat Character : Apart from being a nerd and some puns directed at her appearance, she receives not much characterization.

Nerd Glasses : The same model as Midoris. Parental Abandonment : For some reason, she lives with roomates, as an analouge to the Bremen Street Musicians. Her parents are never mentioned.

Or any other relatives. Running Gag : She looks like a mule, complete with hooves and everything, yet nobody seems to take issue with a sentient animal in their class.

When other characters point this out, they usually get put in their place for "bullying" her. Water-Triggered Change : She was turned into a mule by the water from the Spring of the Drowned Introvert Donkey. Frau Lehrerin A slightly confused elderly woman who teaches in Wakes' and Chaos' class.

Cloudcuckoolander : Almost as bad as Wake. Competition Freak : She is hellbent on winning against the other class in episode Hidden Depths : As revealed in the first movie, she might be a follower of David Hasselhoff who is an Eldritch Abomination in this webseries.

Also in the crossover episode, she is the actress who portrays Captain Captenne Capitanöse. His Name Really Is "Barkeep" : Her name literally translates to Ms. Unexplained Recovery : She suddenly appears again after Episode 29, despite the fact that she died in the movie.

Master Futsi A former Volleyball-Champion, he has now retired and lives with his four daughters in a badly conditioned house.

Wake idolizes him when she had a Volleyball-phase. Companion Cube : His Boat, "Mrs. Futsi", it crashed near Fishköpp Coast and he visits the wreck sometimes. Wake thinks he was talking about the grave of his wife at first.

Cool Old Guy : He's willing to help Wake and Chao whenever they need it. However, they need to repeat it a few times. Expy : Played with, visually, Master Futsi looks very similar to Muten Roshi from Dragon Ball. His characterization is taken from Fresh D however.

Hidden Depths : He is quite well-read in paranormal conspiracies. Innocent Innuendo : He talks about how Frau Lehrerin used to have "massive bells" and he likes collecting pictures of "fat pugs". As in: actual bells he even bought them from her and actual fat pugs ; both also mean "big boobs" in German.

I Was Quite a Looker : Downplayed, the tooth of time wasn't kind to him, he's bald, has wrinkles and pimples and his beard is completely gray. His younger self is pretty average looking, or handsome.

It's hard to tell with the artstyle. Overly Long Name : Futsimitetsuyafatsche Yoshifatzomotucanadazoo. He's frequently shown to behave oddly or confuse things. Master Futsi's Beautiful Daughters Master Futsi's four daughters. Their names are Suzy, Sissy, Susu and Kasulouh.

Tropes applying to all of them Ambiguously Absent Parent : They live with their father, but no mention has been there of their mother. The Dividual : They are pretty much the same character, only Kasulouh receives some screentime of her own.

Fiery Redhead : They are pretty good at sports and have red hair. Girlish Pigtails : Suzy and Sissy have them. Jerk Jock : Not exactly, they are quite affable, unless you play Volleyball against them. Odd Name Out : Suzy, Sissy, Susu, Kasulouh.

Satellite Character : They only appear alongside their father and don't receive much charaterization themselves.

Supreme Chef : Besides Volleyball, they also like to cook. Wake pretty much eats it without chewing, then again, Wake eats about anything. The Ugly Guy's Hot Daughter : Daughter s , plural. However, Master Futsi is only ugly because he's old, and Kasulouh isn't exactly "hot".

Visual Innuendo : When they cook, Sissy holds a pair of cucumbers while Suzy's holding a pair of baguettes. Susu is holding a radish and two potatoes and you know what they're doing, right?

Tropes applying to Kasulouh specifically Abhorrent Admirer : Shares this spot with Ass, she likes Chao, but he would rather scream and run away from her.

Ambiguous Situation : The first movie implies that she and by extension her sisters are actually half-human, half-Tentacle Monster , since Master Futsi knows a lot about them and the second movie has him knowing about cross-species reproduction. Add to that, they don't appear to have a mom.

Bait-and-Switch : Her three sisters get introduced and her silhouette looks pretty normal, but then it's revealed she has a tentacle face. Cute Monster Girl : "Cute" may be a bit of a stretch, but she's not as hideous as Chao makes her out to be.

Ignore the Disability : Everyone but Chao is completely fine with her having tentacles, with the others even calling Chao out for being "superficial".

Odd Friendship : She's seen hanging out with Mototsu once, so it's either this or something else The Unintelligible : She's hard to understand when she speaks due to the tentacles in her face. Mototsu Wake's boyfriend or ex-boyfriend The Ace : Is said to be a "Judo-Junior-Master".

Ambiguously Bi : He's Wake's boyfriend, but he did take Ass on a date once. Bitch in Sheep's Clothing : Secretly an occultist. Designated Love Interest : Parodied, while he is Wake's boyfriend, we never see them do anything as a couple.

Easily Forgiven : Wake finds out that Mototsu is a member of a cult and breaks up with him because he didn't tell her.

Yet in Episode 28 she becomes flustered at the sight of him as always. Jerk Jock : Zig-Zagged, he has no qualms about beating Chao up, and is part of an occult, but he portrays himself as an All-Loving Hero.

Pretty Boy : He is drawn way more beautifully than the other males in the show. Much to Chao's dismay. Relationship Revolving Door : Wake broke up with Mototsu in the movie, but when he came back in the show, she acts like nothing happened.

The movies are probably not canon anyway. The Rival : To Chao. Satellite Love Interest : ONLY exists as someone for Wake to have crush on, that isn't Chao. Trademark Favorite Food : Fries, appearantly.

To the point where he's willing to eat them with Ass, even though they dislike each other. Kai Ichikawa Chao's girlfriend for all about two episodes. Then Wake kills her.

Affectionate Nickname : Chao calls her " Kawaii Kai from Hawaii " The Cutie : Chao is attracted to her because of this. Gender-Blender Name : She's aware of Kai being a boy's name, she simply states that it isn't on Hawaii. Friend to All Living Things : She's against killing a nearly extinct rhino just to make sausages.

She's also the only one who notices anything wrong with that. Too bad the others treat her like a Soapbox Sadie for it. Innocent Fanservice Girl : She tried to pick up chalk for Frau Lehrerin once.

Chao got a Panty Shot , cue him nosebleeding entire fountains. Killed Off for Real : Kai is killed by Wake in Episode Murder the Hypotenuse : What Wake ends up doing to her. Nice Girl : Deliberate, to make her Too Good for This Sinful Earth.

The New Guy : She just moved in from Hawaii. Write Who You Know : According to coldmirror Kai is the only character based on an actual living person. She didn't state which one, though. Rai Ichikawa Kai's crazy sister. She hates Wake for killing her sister.

Birds of a Feather : She hooks up with Xiao , due to both being crazy and hating Wake. The Fashionista : Surprisingly enough, she has a strong taste in fashion, despite being dressed in rags.

Sibling Yin-Yang : Kai is the sweetest girl you could imagine, Rai is rather ugly looking and Ax-Crazy. Strong Family Resemblance : She looks exactly like Kai, minus looking more like Frankenstein's Monster in terms of clothing and hairstyle.

Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. The literally colorful cast of characters.

Wake's Okaasan. Wake's Okaasan Mom , she is a skilled cook, but rather unskilled in everything else. A cat who was run over by a car, but found by Wake.

Chao's Parents. His Mom and Dad, died at the same time due to their son, Xiao being The Klutz. A classmate and "friend" of Wake. A girl in Wakes and Chaos class with the face of a mule. Frau Lehrerin. A slightly confused elderly woman who teaches in Wakes' and Chaos' class.

Master Futsi. A former Volleyball-Champion, he has now retired and lives with his four daughters in a badly conditioned house. Master Futsi's Beautiful Daughters. Master Futsi's four daughters. Anyone with information is urged to call Det.

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And Chao. She hates Wake for killing her winhalla no deposit bonus. In futsi tips reality, where fuutsi never killed their parents, he's pretty much his Cool Twin Bro. Labo nesithakazelo isithombe romantic we iqhawe ninja angase akhalaze ukuthi ukuqeqeshwa ayisekho kuhlanganisa bamahhashi noma ulwazi ubuthi. public Iwebhusayithi.


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