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Last updated , 22 May next race RACE Sha Tin. My Bookmakers. Free Bets. Racing Tips. Raceday Live. Sport Tips. These are really the basics, while more expert bettors will engage in bets such as the forecast and trifecta bet — requiring expert precision in getting your choices right.

Then if you are really one of the most intelligent bettors around, I would recommend taking advantage of quinella and exacta box bets, as well as picking three and even six bets. In this subsequent section we will explain exactly what this all means. We would recommend understanding exactly which each bet type means in order to really maximise your betting experience.

Please read on what we have written below in order to get the full idea. A single bet is really the meat and potatoes of greyhound betting. What this means is you either bet on a greyhound to win or place in the race, and if the race comes off, you will get a return on your bet. This can also be done as an either way race, which means that the first two to three dogs to cross the line in the race will still pay out.

Definitely a good way to get started. This starts with a double, which is just two selections, before going up to treble, four-fold, five-fold and more.

Most bookmakers allow this to go all the way too around fourteen or fifteen selections. By then, a simple £1 bet could net you thousands of pounds — although the likelihood of this happening is very, very small.

A forecast bet is simple; all you have to do is bet on two greyhounds. The first bet is on which one will win while the second is on which will be the runner-up. A reverse forecast is when you bet on both one greyhound to be first and the other to be second while also betting on the other greyhound to be second while the other is first.

This is seen as a decent way to get a better return. We would recommend taking part in this bet if you have a strong idea of the top two runners in the race. A trifecta bet is similar to a forecast bet but for people with even better understanding of how the greyhounds work.

This time, instead of just betting on first and second place, the punter will be betting on first, second and third place. Naturally, the odds levels for this kind of selection are rather high, making it a good choice for an intelligent bettor. A boxed trifecta bet is when the punter wins if any of the selections they pick comes first — but obviously, the payout is much lower.

The first bet of this type took place in the USA in in Arlington Park. A quinella bet is a bit like a forecast bet — in that you bet on the top two selections — but they can finish in either order.

This actually gives you a better opportunity to get a little bit better of a payout.

Duration Study the Greyhounds form and get betting tips from the experts at Timeform. We've got you covered for all your dog racing betting needs, with all fixtures Racing Post Greyhound Bet expands race archive. All UK races broadcast on the SIS platform are now available to view via an expanded archive on the Racing Post

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Greyhound bet racing post - If you like your dog racing, you'll LOVE Greyhound Bet from Racing Post. A free pedigree app that offers everything you need to enjoy the Duration Study the Greyhounds form and get betting tips from the experts at Timeform. We've got you covered for all your dog racing betting needs, with all fixtures Racing Post Greyhound Bet expands race archive. All UK races broadcast on the SIS platform are now available to view via an expanded archive on the Racing Post

If that particular dog was starting in trap one then somewhere along the way he will cut in front of, or behind the dogs in traps two to six. This means that the sectional time that we expect from any other dog that is impeded will not be what we expect it to be. So for example in our screen shot we looked at earlier our trap five may not have had an advantage if he was impeded by others along the way.

To assess the likelihood of any dog getting to the line as quickly as we expect we need to look at its previous races and those of the dogs around it to predict any problems.

Predicting likely trouble from the traps is more of an art than a science but there are clues a plenty in the greyhounds' past form. First off you want to look for comments in the previous races of the runners. If a runner is slow or very slow away consistently then this is an advantage for the adjacent runners as they will have clear space around them.

Also look for comments regarding a dogs position at the start. You might find an indication that a dog heads for the rails at the start or heads wide at the start EG RlsStt would indicate that the dog in question headed for the inside rail at the start.

When you see comments like this you have to put them into the context of todays race. For example if a dog earns the comment RlsStt but is in trap one today then the comment is not relevant.

However if he is in trap two then it may have negative consequences for trap one but be a positive sign for trap three. Also look at what trap each dog has been running from if a dog is used to trap one but is today in trap three then it may be that he will head to his regular position near the rails.

Use all of the relevant comments and information to build a picture in your mind of how the run to the bend will pan out. Before I get into the specifics of finding winning dogs by reading the form I want to just give a bit more background info and talk about a method I used to use when I was full time betting the greyhounds….

Finding the winning greyhound in a graded race is about a lot more than the times it has achieved in the past. Graded racing is the greyhound equivalent of a handicap race except that greyhounds are not allocated any sort of handicap to slow them down.

The Racing Managers job is to put together races that are as closely matched as possible and to, if you like, create a puzzle for the punters.

On course bookmaking at greyhound tracks is notoriously hard, mainly because when money talks in a small market there are not the opportunities to balance out a book.

This is the reason that on course overrounds are huge at greyhound tracks and the reason that the Racing Manager does his best to make the races as decipherable as possible.

As with any activity, knowledge equals power or in this case the more you know the more profitable you can be.

The ultimate level of knowledge is to have watched every race ever run by every dog in the race to hand and to know how each has been performing at home. Many trainers these days have some sort of track at their own kennels.

It is unlikely that you can get inside info on every dog in a race but you can often get to see every race a dog has run.

For some years now tracks have supplied videos of all races run to those prepared to pay for the privilege. And the backer who focuses on one particular track can, given time, watch every run of a particular animal.

However this is an expensive, although ultimately profitable, approach. I will briefly touch on the things to watch out for when race watching here and then we'll get on to a more form based approach. They are likely faster than the bare form suggests. If you are in the bookies watching the BAGS racing and you see a dog that had a hard race make a note of it and check the results to see what time it did and estimate what time you think it should have done,.

It may be a good bet next time out. This info can be useful in assessing the chances of the dog in question and other dogs. Chasers, who are not really up for it will win less than their share of races because they don't like to be in front.

Once we have found a dog that looks like it will have a favourable position, ideally in front, at the first bend and will not get any trouble on the way to the bend then all you need to know now is whether it is fast enough to hold onto its lead.

It is very common to find a dog that will get a clear run around and will lead most of the way in a race only to lose in the closing stages. The key clue to whether we are dealing with this kind of dog is its past race positions.

If it has led previously all the way but still not won then you need to find a reason why it might hang on today. Maybe it is an easier race today maybe a lower grade. Maybe it is fitter today, if the last run came after rest or it is a puppy who is improving. Because graded races are in theory constructed such that any dog could win, other than the types mentioned above, I tend to not pay too much attention to the previous times recorded by each dog.

As long as my selection is not way slower than the opposition then I am likely to go with it. The exceptions to this are where I can see a reason why one of the opposition might improve.

Winterfield Duke Analysis. Looks the one to beat, all aboard the skylark! Choose Your Stake: £5 50p £1 £2 £5 £10 £15 £ Saturday 2nd March.

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